An In Depth Look At The vivo V20


O vivo V20 is an excellent bargain from the leading brand. The powerful 8GB RAM coupled with 128GB internal storage enables users to download numerous apps and have them running in no time. The stylish camera set on the back side along with a 44MP selfies shooter make it a compelling offer. This gives the users the chance of enjoying the latest apps without shelling out extra bucks. In addition, O vivo also provides additional service like free calling minutes, free messaging and text, free GPRS connectivity and free music player download for life.

Compared to other mobiles in the market which are struggling to maintain their slim profile, O vivo has the smart features to keep the phones in the market. The advanced heart rate sensor, voice recording facility and many more features make it a real gem. It offers users with an impressive amount of power with the octa-core processor and touch screen display. It has a high resolution camera with a wide color capture lens.

The O vivo V20 has a dual-mode SIM card which supports TFT LCD and resistive touch screen. In order to facilitate easy connectivity, the handset comes with a USB cable and micro USB port. One of the notable features is the slide out keyboard which can be used to easily access various functions and features. The large capacitive soft touch screen and its wide viewing angle provide a wonderful experience. There is no doubt that the O vivo V20 has a lot of potential as it comes loaded with features that are simply unbeatable. vivo v20

If there is one thing that disappoints users about this smartphone, it is the lack of a headphone jack. Users are left to use the Bluetooth feature to listen to their music or to charge their mobile phone. There is no such thing as a perfect smartphone and the makers of this handset must have known this fact. Thankfully, all their issues are solved with the inclusion of a USB OTG adapter in the O vivo V20. This accessory provides users with a Bluetooth headset connection, allowing them to enjoy music or charge their devices without the hassle of the headphones getting tangled up with the phone.

The camera on the O vivo V20 is nothing short of excellent. Users can take as many pictures as they want without worrying about running out of space or getting the camera damaged. The large, 35mm camera is also complimented by optical zoom and image stabilization. You can snap photos of great quality using the O vivo V20’s camera. The battery life on this handset is impressive and users can expect up to five hours of mobile entertainment as they use this smartphone.

The big highlight for the O vivo V20 has got to be the high-end smartphone features that are integrated into the handset. The O vivo V20 can allow you to do all kinds of fun things like play games, play music, capture photos, download and upload music, watch media files and edit videos. All these functions are possible thanks to the intuitive interface of the handset. You get everything you need in one single place and the HTC vivo V20 gives you the chance to explore all these features in detail.

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