Move Forward With Backlinks

All website owners and bloggers try hard to reach the front page of Google for their particular search terms. One way to move your site through the rankings is through good backlinking. Links on other sites that point back to your site are known as backlinks. Obviously when your site is on page one, you will receive plenty of free, organic traffic. When Google and the other search engines rank you site, they consider the number of high quality backlinks pointing to your site as one of the factors. So, how do you get backlinks?

Comment On Do-Follow Sites 구글광고대행

One of way of getting quality backlinks is to make useful relevant comments on high ranking blogs and sites within your niche. Look for sites that have a PR 2 or more. Make relevant useful comments on stories and articles. There is a spot in the comments section to add your name and url. Instant backlink pointing back to your site.

Social Media Backlinks

Another relatively simple way to create backlinks to your site is through social media sites like Twitter. Each time you tweet you are creating a backlink to your site, providing that your site is set up on your Twitter account. Other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are great for getting quick backlinks. Remember to set your website address in the URL area when setting up these accounts.

Write Quality Content.

The best free way to get high quality backlinks is to create content on your site that people share and talk about. Quality content gets passed around on the Internet. Website owners that find your information useful will make mention of your content on their site. You can write “link-bait” pieces that will attract people to your site and encourage them to link to you. Link-bait pieces are often how-to type articles, scoops within the industry or opinion pieces. The point is to make the content extremely useful and entertaining.

Check Your Backlinks

What is the use of attempting to create backlinks when you don’t know how many you have or where they are all coming from? You can check your links using the search function on your favourite search engine browser: Google: Type in site: “http://www.yoursite.com.” Replace “yoursite” with the name of your website or blog.

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