The Roles And Duties Of The Parole Or Probation Officer In The Criminal Justice Field

Life simply works best when we have our physical environment really work. When we’re organized, we can think more clearly, we’re more efficient, and we can take on projects that have lain dormant for months or even years.

Having a clean office is essential for efficient, well-thought-out work. In my experience, I have more creative ideas and I can act on them quickly when my office organization works for me. 오피

But office organization doesn’t happen overnight. It is crucial to start smart because organization takes a lot of effort at the beginning. I strongly recommend getting expert advice in order to see results quickly and avoid getting bogged down in too much “stuff”.

Whether my office is at a work-place, or at home, I’ve found that there are several rules that apply. When I made a commitment to declutter my office, I followed these simple steps to get me started:

Step 1. I Keep My Office For Work – I cleared out everything in my office that wasn’t directly related to my office work. If I had personal work at my work-place, I took it home and vice-versa. If I had to take personal business to work, I kept it in my briefcase. I also cleared out personal affects that got in the way of efficient action. I hung up plants that used to sit on the desk, and I hung up my pictures as well to clear off my work space. I found a good place to store my briefcase and purse at work so that they had a place and didn’t end up on the floor in my way or on my desktop.

Step 2. I Do My Filing At Least Every Other Day – When I began to declutter my office, I had to discipline myself to file things every other day, at least. It is too easy for papers to pile up and become a huge distraction. And even if I can tuck away the filing so that it’s not noticeable, I often need something in the stack of filing. There’s no way to justify no keeping up with filing. It’s just bad productivity and wasted time. I found that the more I kept up with filing, the better and more efficient I became at it.

Step 3. Organize Your Office for Ease of Movement – Do you have to go over the river and through the woods in order to get to the fax machine? Re-arrange your office so that you can reach as many things from your seat as possible. Don’t go bananas and stack everything on the desk, but do consider putting your file cabinet within reach of your chair. Also, adding a printer cart to the side of your desk might be just the thing for freely accessing things you’ve just printed out. That will increase your productivity and give you a feeling a freedom as you get things accomplished.

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